College Student Fights Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is a growing problem in the United States, affecting one in seven people. Almost half of all college students are facing food insecurity. Many students are having to choose between going into debt or eating a healthy meal. One organization, Sharing Excess, is working to help solve the problem.

Sharing Excess is an organization founded by Evan Ehlers during his third year at Drexel University. He got the idea after he realized he had more than 50 meal swipes left at the end of the term. This is common for students on meal  plans. While most students just let the balance go to waste, Evan decided to swipe out all the meals and drive around Philadelphia, handing out food to people in need. Philadelphia is one of the top 10 hungriest counties, where one in five people can�t afford three healthy meals a day.

It was a day that Evan says �changed his life forever.” That day made him want to continue to give away food to the people who need it. Sharing Excess was born. Drexel�s entrepreneurial co-op program gave him $15,000 to see his vision come to life.

Sharing Excess has grown from a one person mission to a group of people passionate about creating a change. In the past year, they have been able to deliver over 118,000 lbs of food to communities in need. This food comes from partnering grocery stores and restaurants. Instead of the excess food going to waste, Evan and his team pick it up from their partners and then deliver it to those who are experiencing food insecurity. 

Sharing Excess is already expanding with students starting their own chapter at nearby Temple University.  Evan doesn�t want to stop with Philadelphia. He wants Sharing Excess to grow and change the food insecurity problem throughout the country.

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