Burglary Leads To Blessing For Community Food Pantry

The initial post on the Grove City Community Food Pantry’s Facebook page shared the horror and disappointment:

There is no question that the food pantry is a joyful place filled with the blessings of strong community support, but not this morning.”

The despicable act of at least one burglar wiped out the pantry’s turkey fund plus other much needed money. A thief in the night broke in and raided the cash register at Thrifty Threads, the thrift store that helps support the food bank’s operations.

When word of the stunning stealing got out, the community responded in a very big way. Executive director Traci Gerard shows me what happened and what she never expected to happen next.

So this burglary has turned into a blessing for the food pantry. Another amazingly positive note… someone setup a GoFundMe page to help cover the money lost in the robbery. Remember they only needed $300 to make up for it. That was the original goal and they’ve raised three times that amount so far. Because people reached out and wanted to keep donating more, they had to raise the goal even higher to $3,000.

They will put every penny to good use. The freezer is full but the need in that area goes well beyond Thanksgiving. Traci says that they currently have more than five hundred families signed up to receive assistance.

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