Company Donates 2 Million Bars Of Soap To Help Families In Need

The S. Mark Taper Foundation Shelter Resource Bank in Los Angeles is used to getting big deliveries. The shelter collects donations of surplus items from companies and organizations and distributes them to different homeless shelters in the area. Since 1989, the shelter has gotten over $249 million in unused items, everything from paper towels to linens, and has given over $210 million worth of goods to agencies that serve the less fortunate.


Last week, the shelter got their largest donation of a single item to date: two million bars of soap. The donation was provided by Sherman Oaks couple Donda Mullis (pictured below, left) and Ronnie Shugar (pictured below, right), who are the founders of Raw Sugar Living, a natural soap and beauty company. For every product that Raw Sugar sells, they donate a bar of soap to a person in need.

“Our want was to create a brand with a heart that connected consumers with a cause,” Mullis told NBC4-TV.


The generous donation will go a long way in saving on costs for homeless shelters and agencies that provide basic needs for struggling families.


“A bar of soap, which we all take for granted, is probably the best thing you can have for someone of less fortunate means,” Shugar said.


The soaps, now stored at the shelter�s 108,000 square foot warehouse in Bell, CA will be distributed to homeless shelters in the region by Shelter Partnership, the organization that runs the resource bank.

(Source: NBC4-TV)

“These donations mean everything to us,” said Alexandra Monsibaez, public relations coordinator at the Union Rescue Mission in LA.


Monsibaez used to live on the streets, and it was the Union Mission that helped her get back on her feet. She now works for the mission full-time and aims to help those facing the same struggles that she once did.

“Just because they’re experiencing homelessness doesn’t mean they don’t want to be clean.” – Alexandra Monsibaez

“They want the same things that we do when we’re living in our own place,” Monsibaez said. “We want to be able to shower. We want to be able to do regular things, and soap is one of those donations that is vital to what we do.”


Thanks to Raw Sugar, the people Monsibaez services will get just that � the ability to feel clean, confident and empowered, all because of a company sticking to their mission to help others.

“We’re trying our best to give back,” Shugar said. “And maybe show people that being inspired and doing good, it rubs off, and you’ll have the next person who pays it forward.”

Feeling inspired to give back in your community? You may not own a company that can donate a surplus of items, but you can start small. Rescue missions in most cities take donations of clothing, toiletries and warm blankets. Doing a google search for your local rescue mission or homeless shelter is a good place to start. 


Let�s #StartSomethingGood together. 


(Source: images Raw Sugar Facebook)

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