Veteran’s Handwritten Note Gets Outpouring of Support

Would someone like to take a local disabled veteran to dinner on Veteran�s Day? No car, my treat.


This was a subject of a hand-written note that was left at a barbershop in Maine last week. It was written by Lyndon Dale Flowers, a disabled Navy veteran who didn�t have any plans for the upcoming holiday. Flowers left his name and phone number on the note and left the rest up to fate. 


Heather Swift, co-owner of the barbershop, posted the note to Facebook:

(Source: Heather Jeselskis Swift Facebook)

Soon after, the comments came pouring in from people all over the country who wanted to share well wishes and make sure Flowers had a companion for Veteran�s Day. One user found his address and posted it for the many people who requested to send him flowers and cards. 


“I’ve been getting calls from all across the country. Even people just wishing me well,” Flowers told WMTW-TV.


The Washer family in Norway, ME answered Flower�s request and arranged to take him out for a meal on V Day.


“I went on Facebook for a minute and that just happened to pop up, and I said, ‘I can’t take you to dinner, but I can take you to lunch,'” Sandy Washer said.


(Source: WMTW-TV)

Washer�s father was in the Army for 20 years, so she has a special fondness for veterans. She traveled 40 miles to make sure Dale wasn�t alone for the holiday.


Flowers (pictured below with Washer) was a bit overwhelmed by all of the attention, but was reassured to find out there are people who still care about veterans in their community.

(Source: WMTW-TV)

�I didn�t mean to make a big uproar or mess of it, I just wanted to go to dinner,� Flowers joked.


After the success of his letter, Flowers says that he�s hasn�t ruled out crowdsourcing companions for other holidays.

“I’ve already got eyes on Thanksgiving and Christmas for dinner, ya know,” he said. 

If you�re interested in supporting veterans in your community, you can volunteer with DAV (a non-profit that supports veterans of all generations and their families) or make a donation


You can also contact a local retirement home or veterans club and find out if there are vets in your area who could use some company. Searching for your closest American Legion is a good place to start. 


Be sure to sign up and sign in to tell the world your story. Let�s #StartSomethingGood together. 

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