Why Has Kindness Become the Exception, Not the Rule?

OK: take a quick look at the picture above. What�s your first thought?


  • Am I opening the door because she�s a pretty blonde? (Yes, she�s pretty, but no � that�s not it)
  • Am I opening the door because she�s my wife? (Uh, no. She’s a lovely lady, but not the love of my life)
  • Am I opening the door because she�s �someone special�? (I think everyone is special, so not quite)
  • And no: I�m not opening the door just because Wednesday was �World Kindness Day.” (I�d do this any day of the week)


In fact, I�m opening the door for my colleague Jessica for a variety of reasons all my own. She�s a child of God. She�s a fellow American. She�s a respected colleague. She�s someone�s daughter and sister. She�s a lady. What ever happened to chivalry � just because? What ever happened to kindness � just because? Can’t a person do a simple, kind act or gesture just because it’s the decent thing to do?

Sadly, in today�s world, there seems to be a barrier to everything that would promote a gentler side of our society. If you hold a door open for a woman just to be polite, people will tell you it’s a gender slam. Celebrate Black History Month and people will tell you that you’re really just highlighting our differences, not what makes us the unique nation we are. Geez� enough!

If we’re ever going to get our society back to one that inspires through love, respect, and kindness as the rule — not the exception — we have to go back to a time when we assumed the other person’s best intentions were good. 

And we are good people. We are generous. In 2017, our nation collectively gave over $427 billion to charity. We are friendly. As neighbors, the sharing of a backyard garden harvest, the get togethers with new friends, the church pot-lucks are what bonds us, and brings laughter after a hard work week, and confidence when our energy is low.  


Kindness is fuel that sustains us. 

Kindness is water that replenishes us. 

Kindness is a foundation that supports us. 

But for kindness to be most effective, we have to start trusting each others best intentions..


Let your kind acts each day � a witty comment, a timely compliment, a small gesture, an anonymous act, or a combination of any of these � be the difference in shifting our society back to the best of what we are. �World Kindness Day� is a great day to start making world kindness back in vogue once again.

Lenny McAllister is a Sparkt contributor and political commentator featured on BCN network launching January 6, 2020. He is a former television and radio show host in Pittsburgh.

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