“We Owe You Some Milk” Write Firefighters Who Drank It After Saving House

Just as folks in California are recovering from recent wildfires, people in Australia are bracing for even more damage from the brushfires that are burning out of control there.  Out of the destruction comes one story of heroism and humor that might put a smile on your face. It involves a homestead in Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) region, where fires have destroyed more than 200 homes and killed at least three people in the past week.  

One home that survived was in a remote area of Uranga. Paul Sekfy evacuated his house in Tuffly Hill, not knowing if it would still be there when he came back. When he returned, he found some outbuildings destroyed but his home still standing, and this note on the counter:

Seems that, after putting out the fire, the firefighters raided Sekfy’s ‘fridge and drank his milk.  You can understand how thirsty they might be after looking at this video of the conditions posted by the Urunga Brigade (one poster claims this is the Tuffly Hill fire — if not it’s still an example of the rough situation Urunga firefighters were facing):

Since Sefky posted it to Facebook, the apology note post has gotten international coverage, eventually reaching the firefighter who claims he was the one who wrote it. In a comment below Sefky’s post, Kale Hardie-Porter wrote that the post had made his day. “Our crew of 4 did the best we could with what we had but unfortunately your two sheds didn’t last a second,” wrote Hardie-Porter. “We took refuge in your house for a moment and that’s when we discovered the fridge ??.”

“It was our pleaure to do a little good in such horrendous conditions.” 

In other comments below Sefky’s post, the firefighters are getting all the praise they deserve. “Unbelievable,” wrote one person. “Not all heros wear capes,” wrote another.

(Firefighters couldn’t save Sefky’s sheds)

The scale and ferocity of these bushfires is testing the resources of firefighters, charities, and animal rescue groups. If you’d like to help:

  • The NSW Rural Fire Service accepts direct financial contributions (click here). 
  • The Salvation Army has launched a disaster appeal (click here).
  • The Australian Red Cross is also making an appeal (click here).
  • St. Vincent de Paul is accepting contributions (click here).

Thanks to all of our firefighters in countries around the world who risk their lives to save others! If you get the chance, do something nice to say thank you to the men and women who volunteer to protect your community!

(Images: Paul Sefky Facebook page, Video: Urunga Brigade YouTube)

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