Teaming Up Makes Doing Kindness Even Better

My brother Matt and I have always had this weird twin connection even though he is older by three years. We have always been best friends in a sense. We live by our mom’s favorite saying:

“Work hard. Be yourself. Always do the right thing.”

We’ve worked as a team in the past to help out local programs like A Gift For Teaching in the Orange County Public Schools and also the OnePulse Foundation, formed to fight hate after the 2016 Pulse Nightclub shooting. We tend to accomplish even greater things working together than we would alone.  

I’m part of the development team at Spark, working remotely from Orlando. When the staff challenged each other to do our own acts of kindness on World Kindness Day I knew my brother would be the perfect partner to spread kindness. As always, he was stoked about the idea of making people smile. The first thing we did was call a friend we knew needed a little TLC to feel better about herself. The result choked me up a little bit:

Then we got the idea: why not give out simple lottery scratch off tickets to random people. They get the immediate pleasure of having someone do a kindness for them, and who knows? Maybe they win a lot of money! Either way, as you’ll see, everyone left feeling good (you will too!):

Matt and I both ended the day happy to see the smiles peoples’ faces we helped create. In fact we made a couple more phone calls (while feeling inspired) to let other people know we were thinking of them and how awesome they are. Who doesn’t need to hear that every once in a while? Give it a try yourself and see how good it feels to #StartSomethingGood!

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