10-Year-Old Boy Raises Over 20K to Buy Himself a Bionic Arm

Aiden Choquette is your typical 10-year-old boy. He loves riding his bike, playing video games and goofing around with his twin brother. There is one thing about him that�s different � he�s missing the lower part of his left arm.

Aiden has never let his disability stop him. He can ride his bike with the help of a wrench, he helps his mother with gardening and is all around just a happy, positive young boy. But the reality hasn�t escaped him that some activities are much more difficult for him because of his handicap. He also gets a lot of stares and attention from his classmates, which makes him feel like an outsider.

�He knows that they don�t mean anything by it,� Aidan�s mom Sonia told Majically, �But, as kids do, they liked to point out his arm, or even ask to touch it. It made Aidan feel different, almost like he didn�t belong, and it really affected his confidence.�

Aiden has tried other prosthetics before and never found the right fit. He even attempted to build his own replacement limb, but it wasn�t until he learned about the Hero Arm from Open Bionics that he felt like he found a real solution.

The Hero Arm is the first medically certified 3D-printed bionic arm. It was developed in the UK and was made available in the U.S. last year. After Aiden went to his doctor and was fitted for a Hero Arm, his excitement grew.

�It would help me do some of the activities that are best done two-handed,� says Aidan, �like ride a bike, swing on monkey bars, canoe, tie my shoes, shoot a bow and arrow and hold my twin�s hand while Mom holds my other hand.� 

The only catch�the costs for the arm would total over $20,000. Luckily, Aidan is very tech savvy, so he quickly created a GoFundMe campaign and started getting the word out about his new campaign.

Thanks to Aiden�s skills, and the power of social media, he was able to earn over $15K in donations in a little over a week. He also held a scavenger hunt in his community and when he added in those funds it was just enough for him to get his arm.

Check out Aiden’s Hero Arm in action…

Now that Aiden has his bionic arm and is learning how to use it, every day is a new adventure.

�On the first day, he was turning the pages of books, picking up pens, and now he�s able to ride his bike while actually gripping the handlebars,� his mother reported.

Aiden is still getting a lot of attention at school, but it�s for a good reason. Aiden is happy to show off his new, bionic limb and he has an entire community to thank for helping him become a �hero.�  

You can follow along with Aiden�s progress by liking his Facebook page, Aiden�s Arm.

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