She lives the golden rule of life every day

Jenna Gill is a caretaker. If you knew everything she has been through and still copes with you would be just as surprised as i was and still am to this day that she is one of the kindest most genuine humans I�ve ever met. When she was 17 she crashed her car in to a light pole voluntarily after many years of dealing with abuse from her mother for her sexuality. She says � i don�t want anybody to ever feel the way i did or to feel like they have nobody they can run to�. She has allowed coworkers to live in her home on multiple occasions without expecting anything but for them to be kind to her husky Akira. A coworkers apartment complex burnt down and he lost everything. Jenna upon hearing this immediately approached him and offered him her spare bedroom to call home until he found a place. She furnished the room and hung a stocking for him. She allowed another coworker to occupy that room later when she heard their parents were kicking them out. She currently has two people she works with residing in her 2 bedroom home. She cut her living room in half and converted one half into a 3rd bedroom when she was told a coworkers grandparents had passed away and his home was taken by the bank. She has been homeless and she knows how much the smallest acts of kindness can impact someone�s life when in those situations. She wants to help everyone any way she can even if she goes without i order for them to have.

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