7 Incredibly Easy Acts of Kindness You Can Do Everyday

Wednesday is World Kindness Day. Here at Sparkt, we’re really into helping everyone #StartSomethingGood so we thought we’d bring you seven incredibly simple ways you can show kindness on World Kindness Day or any day. No excuses here! Most of these things are free, and won’t require you to go out of your way to do them:

#1 Give someone a compliment. From telling your co-worker what a great job they’re doing or how much you like their tie, to complementing a stranger on how well-behaved their children are, an unexpected word of praise is certain to make anyone’s day.

#2 Send someone an encouraging e-mail or text. Kick start their day, end it on the right note, or boost their spirits any time of day by sending a positive message to someone’s inbox. Don’t limit it to people you see all the time. Pick people you haven’t talked to in awhile for an unexpected “I’m thinking of you” message.

#3 Leave quarters at the laundromat or parking meter. Then smile as you think of how the person who finds them will feel when they don’t have to fumble for change!

#4 Literally “pay” it forward. Leave a gift card behind as you get your morning coffee at your favorite shop. It’ll pay for the next person’s cup of joe and you’ll make their day.  Do the same thing at the grocery store, and you might just make a difference in the life of a person who’s struggling to pay their food bill.  

#5 Hold open the door for someone.  This is one simple act of courtesy that has seemed to well, go out the door in modern society. Be the person who brings it back where you work and live, and see if you and the other person doesn’t walk away with a little more pep in your step.

#6 Let someone merge in front of you when you’re driving. In this day and age of road rage, why not be the person who contributes to a little highway happiness?  

#7 Pick up litter when you see it. Maybe not as obvious an “act of kindness.” But if having trash all over the place brings people down, it stands to reason having a tidy community will make everyone feel good about the neighborhood.

Give these a shot on World Kindness Day, then take some advice from the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, where they suggest making kindness part of your daily routine. Click here to find lots of other acts of kindness you can try.

Who knows, maybe your one act of kindness will start a chain of kindness that will ripple around your commuity!

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