Making Young Couple’s House A Home

A young couple found their dream home in the PIttsburgh neighborhood of Brighton Heights, and even though they didn’t like the old above ground pool in the backyard, they bought the house anyway, figuring they’d get rid of it eventually.

(The pool and an old deck took up most of the couple’s back yard)

A year later, and the pool was still there. They had tried to figure out how to disassemble it on their own, but didn’t know how to drain it to even be able to start. They posted on the PIttsburgh Good Deeds subReddit asking for help. They wrote in their post that it has been a burden to see it every day, and it was adding to their general depression and stress. 

See what happened when we showed up to help them get rid of it:

To be honest, I was surprised I even remembered how to drain a pool, being that my dad was the one that taught me that trick decades ago! By starting to siphon some of the water into the hose, and letting gravity do the rest, we were able to get the project started. To show their appreciation, the couple cooked us some of the best roasted veggies and chicken I’ve ever had! We had a really nice dinner where the woman told us about how she is an addictions counselor in the city. It was clear she had a heart for helping people, too! 

(No one wants to use a deck when the view is slimy, green water)

After the pool was completely drained a few days later, my helper John and I came back to take everything apart. It only took us about an hour and a half, which was a relief because it was first time either of us have disassembled a pool, so we had no idea what we were in for. The couple was incredibly happy and thankful for our help. Now they can finally reclaim their backyard and make it feel like their home!

(Looks like John had fun removing all the bolts and screws!)

Need my help? Go to Pittsburgh Good Deeds and just ask. If we can do something for you we will!

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