Man With Disability Gets a New Home, Just In Time For Veterans Day

After living in temporary housing for the past few years, Joseph Fowler finally has a permanent place to call home.


Fowler is a Navy veteran, and ever since he suffered a head injury that causes him to have seizures, he�s been struggling to find a reliable job and place to live.


When Fowler was 18, he joined the U.S. Navy and was sent overseas as part of the Eisenhower Task Force during the Iran hostage crisis. He lived on the water for 10 months and during that time, he never saw land.


�Fifty-two American hostages were taken by Iranian (revolutionists), (who) took over the embassy for 444 days before they let them go, and if anything was to happen to the hostages, then we would become a fighting force,� he told Spectrum News 13.


Fowler (pictured below) got his head injury in an accident after he was honorably discharged, and he�s been on disability ever since.

Thanks to Service Source, an organization that provides employment and housing services to veterans and people with disabilities, Fowler now has a permanent home at Crestview Villas in Cocoa, FL. And the best part? The condo is completely paid for, so he won�t have to worry about keeping up with a mortgage payment each month.


“I’ve never thought about being a homeowner before,� Fowler told WESH2-TV. �This opportunity came up out of nowhere and it was a blessing,” he said.


Here�s Fowler touring his new pad, which was completely renovated and all appliances upgraded thanks to The Home Depot Foundation

Fowler, who has been in and out of temporary housing for the past few years, says he�s thankful to finally have a home of his own.


“I don’t have to move no more. I can fix the place up the way I like it,� he said with a smile. �It’s awesome.�

You can help Service Source continue their mission by making a donation on their website. 99 cents of every dollar donated goes to funding programs and services for people with disabilities.


If you�d like to nominate a veteran to receive up to $25,000 in home repairs through the Home Depot Foundation, click here

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