Boss Pays Off His Employee’s Mortgage So He Can Retire Early

Albert Brigas, a 69-year-old Vietnam veteran, thought he�d be working as an auto mechanic for at least another year before he could retire. After living in the same home for 24 years, he wanted to pay off his mortgage so that he could relax and enjoy his life with his family. 


Thanks to Brigas� boss, he�s getting an early start on his retirement plans. Brigas has worked for Rudy Quinones for the past 13 years, and when he heard that one of his most faithful employees was so close to meeting his goal, he stepped in to help. 

Last month, Quinones called Brigas into his office, and after finding out how much he had left on his mortgage, he wrote him a check for $5,000 to pay it off.


�Albert has been grumbling about that for the past year,� Quinones, the owner of Renown Auto Restoration, told KENS-TV. �His ultimate goal was to retire and have his house paid off.�

Quinones was happy to help his employee, who he said came into work every day, even when he was sick.

�Just that level of loyalty, the determination, you just don�t find any more.” – Rudy Quinones

Another one of Quinones� employees, Joseph Winkler, shared the news of his boss� generosity with local media. 


�Not enough good news is out there, and this is one of those things I thought needed to be shared, so people will know there are people out there who do good things for other people,� Winkler said. 


Now that Brigas is retired and his house is paid for, he says he�s ready to enjoy life with his wife and grandchildren.

Quinones is just glad that he could help Brigas reach his goal.


�To give them something that they�ve been yearning to have their whole lives, it�s incredible.� 


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(Source: images Renown Auto Restoration Facebook)

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