Man Pays It Forward, Helps Co-Worker Get A Car

As we often say here at Sparkt, there’s no way to know the ripple effect that one act of kindness will have. This story is a perfect example.

Let’s start with the end of the story. Darlene Quinn lives in Greer, SC, and works at a Fed Ex facility in nearby Spartanburg. Three months ago her car broke down and she didn’t have the money to fix it. She didn’t want to lose her job, so she walked to work each day, 12 miles each way! When Darlene’s co-worker Josh Lewis found out, Josh and their boss would pick up Darlene and give her a ride when they saw her walking.  

Then Josh got a bigger idea: why not get everyone to chip in to get Darlene another car? He set up a GoFundMe page and spread the word at work, while keeping it a secret from Darlene. “Honestly I admire her!” wrote Josh on the GoFundMe page. “I can’t even begin to imagine having to walk that far.”

“Will you help to show Darlene that there really are good people in this world, in our community and in our places of work?”

It didn’t take long to raise the approximately $8000 they needed to buy a good, reliable used car from a local dealer. Josh’s cellphone camera was rolling for the big reveal:

Darlene sent her co-workers a card in which she thanked them for their generosity, “She said that she would love to thank all of you individually but she knew that it�s probably not possible to do that,” wrote Josh on his Facebook page. “She said that the words in this card express how she feels from deep in her heart.”

Now the beginning of this “ripple of kindness” story. After posting the car reveal on his Facebook page, Josh started getting a lot of attention for his good deed. That’s when he posted something surprising. Josh revealed that once, he was also in a bad spot. He needed furniture for an apartment, and a car to get to work. A couple he hadn’t seen in years allowed him to take whatever furniture he needed from their own home — and another couple helped him buy a car.  

“This whole campaign for Darlene needs to be traced back to these 2 families,” Josh wrote on Facebook. “I was down and out and they took it upon themselves to truly bless me.”

“If it weren’t for them there is no way I could be in a position to pay it forward like I did.”

Maybe Josh’s and Darlene’s stories will continue that ripple effect, with people repaying kindnesses done to them, one person at a time. Maybe even you? #StartSomethingGood with us at Sparkt!

(Images & video: Josh Lewis Facebook page)

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