Cheerleaders Help Their Coach’s Boyfriend Pull Off Surprise Proposal

In a scene that could�ve been ripped from a romantic comedy, high school cheerleading coach Natalie Earthman got the surprise of her life when her squad went off-script during a routine at a football game last week.


The cheerleaders held up signs during their routine that, when put together, spelled out the message, �Will you marry me?�

Earthman, who used to cheer on the same field as a student at East Central High School in San Antonio, TX, was more than a little confused by her squad�s performance.

“I saw the sign and heard the crowd, but it didn�t register,” Earthman told Yahoo Lifestyle. “I kept thinking, ‘What the hell is going on?’ and, ‘When did we bring signs to cheer with?'”


That�s when she noticed her boyfriend, Jorge Guiterrez, walking toward her in the school�s mascot uniform, a black and yellow hornet.

Still in a daze, Earthman said the moment was �an out of body experience� and that not until she heard her mom calling her name from the stands did she snap out of it and realize what was going on.


�Once I saw her, it kind of brought me down to earth and I thought, ‘Oh wow, this is real! This is happening,'” she said.


In front of a stadium full of people, Guiterrez got down on one knee and asked Earthman to be his wife. She quickly said yes, and the two embraced as cheers erupted around them.

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Guiterrez worked with the assistant cheerleading coach to plan the stunt, and after he got the blessing of Earthman�s mother, she got in on the action and invited their closest friends and family to be there for the surprise.


�I�ve been thinking about it for quite a while. Natalie spends a lot of her time and is very involved with her cheerleaders,� Gutierrez said. �I knew asking her in front of them with her family there as well would mean the most to her. It was perfect.”


The two met last summer and have been inseparable ever since. Guiterrez has two sons from a previous relationship and Earthman is thrilled that she will now get to call them her own.

�It�s very clich� when people say they fell in love at first sight, but it�s true,� she said. �We were glued to one another. [It is] proof love has no timelines to follow.�


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