Boy Who Got In Trouble For Doodling Just Finished First Mural Job

At any time of the day (or night) you can catch Joe Whale with his head in a book — a sketchbook, that is. For years, the nine-year-old has been filling his notebooks with drawings of zany monsters, faces and characters; all a product of his very active imagination. He even got into trouble in one of his classes at school for doodling too much.

Once his parents realized how much their son loved to draw, they enrolled him in an after-school art class in their community. After noticing his talents, the teacher posted a snapshot of some of Joe�s drawings on Instagram. Shortly after that, a restaurant owner reached out to Joe to see if he would be interested in decorating a wall in their building with his doodles.

Check out Joe’s doodling in action below…

After getting his parents� approval, Joe began creating his illustrations at Number 4, a restaurant in his hometown of Shrewsbury, U.K. He thought the restaurant was going to give him a small, picture frame-sized area to design. But when he got there, the owner showed him to a large white wall.

�I was really excited,� Joe told Bored Panda. �I thought it was going to be really small, but when I looked at the wall it was ginormous. I was like, how am I going to fit all the ideas on here? But then I don�t know how, they just sprang to life.�

His dad drove him to the restaurant every day after school so that he could work on the project, and the wall began to come to life with Joe�s black and white sketches of animals, rockets, and his favorite characters – food.

�I like drawing food because, like, it�s really funny to see them coming to life,� he said. �Other artists, they�ve succeeded, and I really want to be an artist when I grow up.�

After finishing the project at Number 4, Joe has continued drawing, of course. He shares his energetic designs on Instagram and Facebook, where he�s now known as �The Doodle Boy.� 

Kudos to Joe�s parents for encouraging their son�s natural talents and allowing him the opportunity to shine. Wouldn�t it be great if we could all take Joe�s lead and do more of what brings us joy? 

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(Source: video and images The Doodle Boy Facebook)

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