Donors Give Over 150K To Fund Projects For Rhode Island Teachers

Teachers in Rhode Island got a big surprise this week.

They�ve been making requests on, a non-profit website that lets individual supporters pay for items that teachers have a need for, like classroom supplies or projects. Basically, it�s a GoFundMe for teachers. 


On Monday, 261 of those teachers found out that all of their wishes were being granted by two private donors. Thanks to the Partnership for Rhode Island and Theresa Gouw, a venture capitalist and Brown University board member, every request by R.I. teachers is being paid for. In addition, there�s $19,000 in leftover funding that will go to teachers for various needs such as furniture, books or pet projects.

Here’s one of the projects that was 100% funded on…

(Source: DonorsChoose)

After a surprise announcement was made to teachers at the Carl Lauro Elementary School in Providence about the funding, some got emotional.


�I�m so grateful,� fifth grade teacher Courtney Gomez told the Providence Journal. Gomez want to purchase bookshelves and comfy pillows for her students. �My kids and all the kids in Rhode Island are very lucky.�


Another teacher received materials to upgrade the appearance of her classroom. �My classroom hasn�t been painted in 15 years,� she wrote on �The paint is flaking so that students often need to brush it off their classwork and clothes. With these materials I can paint over the raw plaster patch jobs, the multi-colored years old flaking paint, and mount posters that will engage students� minds.�

For teachers who often spend their own money to buy supplies for their classrooms, programs like DonorsChoose are a game changer. The teachers don�t actually get the money; once a project is funded the organization buys the materials and ships them to the teachers. Then, as a thank you to the donors, students write notes and take snapshots and send them to DonorsChoose, who makes sure the messages get to those who contributed.


Currently, Rhode Island is only the second state in the country to have all of their teachers� requests granted by donors.


You can make a donation today and help fund a project for a teacher at a school near you. Visit for more information.    


(Source: images @newsprovidence)

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