9 Months After Radiation – Time To See If I’m Still Cancer Free

You’ve seen my color return and even some of my hair. Every day it feels like I’m making progress in my recovery from head and neck cancer, but it’s very clear I’ve still got a long way to go. Food still sucks, but it’s getting better. I feel stronger, but still not 100%, not that I’m complaining. I’m thrilled to be alive.

A UPMC technician slides Marty into the CT machine for his new scans.

I had surgery to remove one tumor and radiation to blast another one that couldn’t be removed. That was all last year, and nine months ago I had the final radiation treatments. Today it was time to go back to UPMC Shadyside Hospital and the Hillman Cancer Center to see if I’m still cancer free and find out how my recovery is coming along.

Collection: Marty’s Journey

  • Follow Marty’s journey from diagnosis, to treatment, to recovery and beyond as Marty lobbies for families to have their children vaccinated against the HPV virus, which doctors say is what caused his throat cancer.

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