Open Wide For Cancer Recovery

If you know me, you know I like to smile and I like to eat, or at least I did before this cancer thing. The good news is that I’m getting back there, even if it’s a slower process than I’d like.

You may not think of the dentist as a key part of cancer recovery, but they can play a big part in hanging on to your teeth.

Here’s the explainer I did on Facebook live this morning:

The radiation treatment that blasted my tumor away also zapped my salivary glands. As the doctors explained, the lack of moisture in my mouth causes a chemical imbalance that can lead to tooth decay. That is why it’s important to start fluoride treatments.

Dental hygienist, Rochelle Gonzalez, at Alfa Dentistry took impressions of my teeth to make the trays I’ll use for fluoride treatments at home:

The real fun begins in about a week or so when my finished trays come in. Watch for an update from the dentist when they show me how to use it myself.

The impression gel is tasteless but smells like cinnamon

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