Immunotherapy Part 4 – Some Happy News to Report

These IV hospital treatments can take hours. They’ve got to do a bunch of tests before I get the treatment, then the drip takes time, and then they do more tests after I’m done. So I was pretty much flat on my back in a hospital bed earlier today getting another round of immunotherapy. But it gave nurse Kelsey Mitch, the clinical research coordinator on my clinical trial, a chance to check up on me. And she had some news for me. Check her out when she comes in the room. Notice anything different?

Yes, Kelsey is pregnant. She’s due in about a month. This will be her first child, and they know it’s a girl, but they haven’t picked out a name yet (or if they have they’re not telling me!). Congrats to Kelsey. She took such great care of me, I know she’s going to be a great mom.

FYI, I’ve got two more of these immunotherapy treatments before I’m completely done with treatment. It’ll be nice not to have to come back to the hospital for a while!

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