Immunotherapy Part 3 – A Visit From Dr. Dan

OK, guys, as promised here’s another post from my hospital bed where I got another round of immunotherapy today. Remember, I’m in a clinical trial to see if using immunotherapy with chemo and radiation at the beginning of treatment is better than those traditional treatments by themselves. Even though I’m cancer-free, the docs want me to keep getting immunotherapy to see if it ups my chances of the tumor not coming back.Super-oncologist Dr. Dan Zandberg came in while I was on the IV to see how I’m doing on stuff like eating, my weight, and getting off the pain drugs:

I’m going to have one more edition of “Tales From My Hospital Bed” (sounds like a daytime soap) coming up. One of our favorite people from the Marty’s Journey stories is Kelsey Mitch, the nurse who is coordinating my clinical trial. She’s got some big news, so stay tuned.

If you want to watch all the stories from my day at the hospital, click


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