Immunotherapy Part 2 – How it Feels Coming Back Here

Howdy again everybody. You might have seen from my post about an hour ago, Kristine and I are at UPMC Hillman today. I’m getting another round of immunotherapy as part of the clinical trial I’m in. As part of that the treatments are continuing, even though I’m done with chemo and radiation and my scans show I’m cancer-free. It was definitely weird coming back. A lot of tough stuff happened when we were in this same room while I was getting chemo. But as Kristine reminded me it’s been good to see our UPMC friends again:

OK, I’ll post again in about an hour. Dr. Dan Zandberg, my oncologist was just here asking me how I’m doing on eating and my weight, so you’ll hear what we talked about then.

If you want to watch all the stories from my day at the hospital, click


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