I’m Back at UPMC Hillman But Don’t Panic!

Kristine and I are back at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center today. Don’t panic!!!! I’m just having another immunotherapy treatment. Takes most of the day from start to finish, so while I’m in my hospital bed I figured I might as well post rest of the afternoon. Here you go:

You might remember my doctors decided to continue the immunotherapy even though I’m done with chemotherapy and radiation, and I’ve passed my 3-month scan cancer free. They think it could lower my chance of having the cancer come back and I’ll tell you — I’m all about that.

This is part of a national immunotherapy clinical trial. Hillman is one of the centers that’s in it. It’s different because in the past doctors have only recommended patients for immunotherapy when everything else failed. The people in my trial and me (they told me a couple of months ago I was actually getting the immunotherapy and not a placebo) get the immunotherapy from the beginning of treatment, along with chemo and radiation. My docs are hoping this increases my chances for survival from the get-go.

I’ll be back in a little while to talk to Kristine about how she’s feeling being back here. I know it’s a little weird for me after everything that’s happened!


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