Cancer Scan Brings Fear And Joy

It’s a day of mixed emotions for Marty Griffin and his wife Kristine. Monday was a very big day with the first PET scan since his chemotherapy and radiation treatment concluded. Doctors say that this test will show whether the grueling treatment over the last 4 months has stopped his cancer or if they have to consider another round.

Here is how the day played out: (Video Spoiler Alert: there is a happy ending!)

Marty wanted you to see what he’s going so it can help others get through their own journey. Marty’s sister Sandy joined him and Kristine for the big day. She’s also a UPMC nurse, but not part of Marty’s care team. In this next picture you see them all sharing an emotional group hug after receiving all the good news.

If you’ve been following

Marty’s Journey

you know it hasn’t been an easy road to this point battling his HPV related throat cancer. From the pain of radiation to the inability to swallow solid foods and the massive weight loss, it’s taken quite a toll on his body. He has started to gain weight and is working his way back to normal eating, but the journey is far from over.

Marty talked with Dr. David Clump, Radiation Oncologist at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, about the road to recovery and what to expect over the next weeks, months, even years:

For more trusted resources on HPV cancers and the vaccine you can

click here for the American Cancer Society


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