Holidays and Getting Back to Eating Real Food

The holiday season is a time for family, friends, and usually lots of food. Just about everyone has some sort of tradition, whether it’s a holiday ham, turkey, or even an annual pig roast (yes, some of my southern friends do this!). Whatever your tradition the best part of the food is enjoying all of the fabulous flavors of the season.

If you’ve been following

Marty’s Journey

, you know that ever since his chemotherapy and radiation started in October, his sense of taste vanished because of the treatments. To keep his body fueled, his wife Kristine has been mixing daily protein packed shakes.

Chemo and radiation finished in early December, now as his doctors will tell you his “job” is to eat food again. In this latest video Marty explains how that process is coming along:

Here’s a little bonus content for you in case you missed Marty’s Facebook live video on Christmas Eve, looking back at the events of this past year:

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