He’s Back – So What’s Next?

On Monday November 5, TV and radio personality Marty Griffin returned to his KDKA-AM radio show for the first time in weeks. Marty’s return came one week after his final treatment for HPV-related throat cancer. Marty’s treatment, which lasted seven weeks, took a lot out of him. He lost more than 30 pounds since he couldn’t stomach solid foods, and his throat was extremely sore because of the radiation targeted at his throat. And even though he didn’t feel 100% (doctors say it will be weeks, even months before he starts to feel normal), Marty was excited and thankful to be back.

Marty’s doctors say it will be weeks, even months before he starts to feel normal. “By about a month you’ll feel pretty good,” Marty’s radiologist Dr. David Clump told him and Kristine. “You’ll get some hints of taste by a month. so keep trying things. That will be the first sign things are starting to get better.”

Marty’s doctors have reported that they cannot see the tumor at the base of his throat on his scans, which means for the time being, its appears to be gone. But doctors say it won’t be until a 3-month scan where they’ll know if it’s completely gone.

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