Marty’s Four-Part Treatment Plan

Once TV and radio personality Marty Griffin and his family got over the initial shock of his cancer diagnosis, they were ready for him to begin treatment. Marty was diagnosed in early August with HPV-related throat cancer. His doctors at UPMC HIllman Cancer Center told him the good news: this type of cancer is 90-95% curable. The bad news is that his course of treatment would be difficult.

After an initial surgery to remove a cancerous tonsil, treatment will be seven weeks, with 3 doses of chemotherapy, daily radiation treatments, and immunotherapy under a new clinical trial. Sparkt talked to his doctors about their plans to cure him, while trying to shield him from the brutal side effects.

Marty is committed to sharing his story from start to finish, including encouraging parents to have their children vaccinated against HPV, or the Human Papillomavirus which caused his throat cancer, and is the leading cause of cervical cancer in women.

(Marty discusses his treatment plan with Hillman Cancer Center Director, Dr. Robert Ferris)

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